About Us

Enrique A. Fulchi, born in Lima, Peru, is the director of Atman Yoga Studio in Rochester, New York. He blends traditions such as Iyengar and Ashtanga into his classes, incorporating a powerful vinyasa series with stretches, balances, backbends and inversions to open and strengthen the body.

From his Iyengar background, Enrique focuses on alignment, while his knowledge of Ashtanga brings the class into a strong flow and awareness on the breath, mind and body.

4 Responses to About Us

  1. Evangeline says:

    I visited your studio yesterday evening with my friends Dave and Lee and I really enjoyed your class. I am looking forward to returning and thank you for a wonderful class..

  2. Betsy Matthews says:

    Enrique brings a unique approach to yoga practice. His description of the process is very enriching and has been successful for dealing with my hip issue. I am grateful to have discovered this class and plan to keep going!

  3. Anna Etter says:

    I come to Rochester every summer from Germany. I have discovered Enriques yogaclass ten years ago and come back ever since. I am a Yogateacher in Germany myself and can say that Enrique is extremely wonderful in teaching every student according to his/her own abitlity and capacity at the very moment he is dealing with this student. In my opinion he is the best yogateacher in town and I will come back to him all the time.

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