The Atman Yoga Way

atman-14Enrique Fulchi directs the Atman Yoga studio in Rochester, NY.  Drawing upon a blend of Iyengar and Astanga yoga styles, he tailors each class to the individuals present and makes full use of a wide variety of props to help the students open up and deepen their practice.

“Steady and comfortable”

Each posture is a personal challenge to stretch yourself.  As you engage your muscles, focus your mind, and deepen the pose, Enrique’s repeated mantra of “steady and comfortable” invites to relax into it.  He dares you to reach higher, enter that breakthrough place of growth, and make peace with it.

atman-17Yoga teaches you to be in your body.

Your mind and body are intimately linked. When there is trouble in your body or mind, it affects your entire being.  When you bring strength, purity, and mindfulness to yourself, both your body and mind benefit. At Atman Yoga, the practice of postures and breathing allows you to release your tensions and bring healing and strength into your life. The more you practice, the stronger both your mind and body will become.

Peace be with you.  Namaste.

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